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"Lasa cititul, ca mai trebuie dale de pus pe trotuar!"-urla un maistru la un tanar. raspunsul:"pai, asta fac, pun dale". "Unde?". "Imi pavez drumul cu dale culturale", raspunse tanarul.
marți, 26 ianuarie 2010

Failure of the world


Funny how things change, people change.
It was enough to touch you
And you opened like a flower.
It was enough to kiss you
And you could just fly away.

Funny how people hurt you, they throw you away.
It’s not enough to say “I’m sorry”
‘Cause they’ll put you to suffer.
It’s not enough to be like they want to
‘Cause they’ll say you are not like them.

Funny how somebody comes to you with a heart wide open
And then all they say is “It was fun, but…”
Funny how all those buts end up with a broken heart.
And friends tell you to get over it
Funny how they forget that they could help you.

Failure of the world could be friends.
Friends that come to you and stand
With their look upon their face
And funny how they say “I love you” just after they lied to you.

Failure of the world could be parents.
Parents who get their children grounded for spending out the night
When they said it was ok to party.
Funny how contradiction persists.

Failure of the world could be a lover.
A lover who takes his sweeties hands in his
“Funny how I love you after all this time” he says.
A lover that looks in his girlfriends eyes and says
“Funny how you changed so much”.

Failure of the world could be a girl.
A girl small as a squirrel. That kinda girl who rocks your world.
Funny how she condemns herself so much
For things she wasn’t guilty of.
Funny how she crawls for things of her own.
Failure of the world could be me.
Me, for writing this poem.
Funny how guilty I feel.

Failure of the world could be you.
You, who are reading this and telling yourself
“What a failure YOU are”.
Funny how most of you never look in the mirror of the soul.
Funny how a soul can be so empty when it irradiates all this joy on his face.

It’s really funny how things go wrong just after they went very fine.

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annie benny spunea...

"It’s not enough to be like they want to
‘Cause they’ll say you are not like them."

pure truth

Ake spunea...
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